Undo Losing Trades With dealCancellation

One of the industry’s most innovative tools which allows you to trade risk-free*. Give yourself a one hour margin to cancel your order when the markets are moving against you.

When can I use dealCancellation*?

Trade Big Events

During significant events some brokers increase margins or completely disable trading. We don’t, in fact we give you a tool which can help you trade big economic calendar events confidently.

Go Ahead, Make the Trade

Placing a trade order can be nerve-wracking, but with dealCancellation you can cancel a losing trade for a small fee, taking the anxiety of losing that trade out of the equation.

Make Bigger Deals

If the fear of losing a deal is holding you back from making a bigger trade, don’t worry, dealCancellation gives you a one hour window to reverse it. If you see the markets moving against you, simply cancel the order.

Take Advantage of Volatility

Usually traders steer clear of volatility, because it could potentially increase the risk of losses. The problem is, increased risk also means increased opportunity. Use volatility to your advantage - with dealCancellation.

How do I use dealCancellation?


When you open a deal, click on the shield icon to turn on dealCancellation

slide on dealCancellation to enable



To see which trades have dealCancellation activated go to your Open Trades Report, the shield icon will be displayed next to the protected trades.

Open Trades Report


Losing a deal? Just cancel it within the set time limit.

Open Trades Report

Still have questions?
Check out the dealCancellation FAQ.

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*dealCancellation terms apply.

dealCancellation© Option is an ORE patent pending under the patent “Easy Cancellation Option” application number 62334455.