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easyMarkets is constantly researching and developing ways to offer you the best trading experience possible. This includes giving you access to multiple ways to trade: CFDs, Options, Forwards and the innovative easyTrade.

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easyMarkets most innovative trading product yet. easyTrade allows you to trade without margin requirements, with zero spreads and known maximum risk, that’s defined by the trader. easyTrade also allows you to preform a trade in three simple steps. Choose the amount you are comfortable risking, the duration of your trade and of course whether the rate will go up or down.

Benefits of easyTrade*

  • No margin requirements, no need for stop-loss. Forget being closed out of a position because of margin stop-out. Stop-loss is also not needed since your risk is already predefined and locked in.
  • A completely new way to trade. In just three steps, you can open a position with a specific duration.
  • A great tool for hedging during specific times that are more volatile than others i.e. during market openings or scheduled policy announcements like the NFP.
  • Close at anytime before the easyTrade expires.


easyMarkets CFDs allow you to potentially benefit from both the rise and the fall of the instrument you are trading. Another benefit of CFDs is immediacy, when opportunity presents itself or if risk increases, you can easily open or close positions. CFDs can also be used with easyMarkets exclusive trading and risk management tools.

Benefits of CFDs

  • Manage your risk with powerful tools
  • Potentially benefit from both the rise and fall of an instrument’s price
  • Instantly close or open trades depending on market conditions
  • Trade multiple types of CFDs including currencies, both energy and soft commodities, metals, cryptocurrencies and indices.

Ways To Trade CFDs

You can trade multiple CFD markets and multiple ways with easyMarkets:

One of the most popular way to trade with easyMarkets. You also receive powerful analytical and risk management tools:

  • dealCancellation – undo losing trades within an hour for a fee.
  • Free Guaranteed Stop-Loss & Take Profit** – protect yourself against unforeseen market conditions.
  • No slippage
  • Freeze Rate – Momentary freeze the current price of a deal in pursue of a favourable rate.
  • Inside Viewer – See how other traders are trading the specific instrument you are looking at.

Pending orders allow you to set the level (rate) you would like your trade to open. This can work as a robust hedge during volatility or automate your trading.

  • Free Guaranteed Stop-Loss & Take Profit** – protect yourself against unforeseen market conditions.
  • Strategize – set the rate you would like your trade to open, helping you optimize your trading strategy.
  • Rise and Fall – Potentially benefit from both the rise and fall of a rate.


This financial product allows for limited risk with the potential for unlimited reward. Vanilla options are also the underlying technology for the innovative easyTrade. There are multiple benefits to this type of product:

  • Rolling Fees are never charged
  • There are no Margin Requirements
  • No possibility of Stop-Out
  • Risk is defined (the premium) and cannot be surpassed
  • Close at anytime before the option expires


This unique way to trade gives you the opportunity to lock in the current price of an instrument for a future date. This is generally used as a hedge against future markets movements.

    • An effective hedge against future market movements
    • Lock in today’s rate for a future date up to 30 days

*easyTrade terms apply.

easyTrade is a pending trade mark under application no.: 017879278.

**Guaranteed Stop Loss and Take Profit are only available on easymarkets Proprietary platform and Apps.