Trading Bitcoin CFDs allows you to benefit from both upwards or downwards movements of Bitcoin and gives you access to risk management tools exclusively offered by easyMarkets. You can also trade with peace of mind - under the knowledge that your transactions are being made by a regulated broker with close to two decades of experience.

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What is Bitcoin?


Bitcoin isn’t generally affected by policy changes or geopolitical instability – and we’ve even seen it being treated as a safe-haven during global volatility because of this.

Always Moving

Bitcoin moves a lot more than traditional currencies. Prices can significantly change within days or in the span of hours. This may create new opportunities for trading.

More Choice

CFDs means you don’t even need a Bitcoin wallet to trade the world’s favorite cryptocurrency. Also, your funds aren’t held in an exchange – but in segregated customer accounts.


easyMarkets offers clients Bitcoin USD currency pair giving the trader a wealth of news, giving you a deeper understanding of the currency pairs’ future movements.

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The diagram and charts presented here are for illustration purposes only and may not reflect easyMarkets actual data.

Trading Bitcoin CFDs VS. Buying and Selling Bitcoin

Trading Bitcoin CFDs Buying and Selling Bitcoin
Buy or sell at anytime Transactions based on finding someone willing to buy or sell at the price you want on an exchange.
Benefit from both the rise (i.e. going long) or the drop (i.e. going short, or short selling Bitcoin) They only benefit when the asset is falling is it may be purchased at a lower price.
Proprietary risk management tools, negative balance protection, no slippage and fixed spreads. Little to no risk management other than a trading strategy set by the trader.
Deep analytical data using easyMarkets native platform or MT4, one of the world’s most popular trading platforms offered for free. Third party solutions, some require payment or subscriptions.
Sign up for an account and then choose from our 200+ instruments including Bitcoin. No need for a Bitcoin wallet or sign up to a Bitcoin exchange. Finding the best bitcoin exchange and the type of bitcoin wallet you want can be an involved process.
Trading Bitcoin CFDs with easyMarkets gives you access to a regulated broker established in 2001 and award-winning customer support. With almost two decades of experience we have developed multiple safeguards to protect our clients. Although some exchanges are reliable and creditable, there are many that are largely unregulated, exposing clients to unnecessary risk. As we’ve seen in the news, Bitcoin exchanges are also vulnerable to hacking where clients could potentially lose all of their assets.

Trade Bitcoin with easyTrade

easyMarkets most innovative trading product, easyTrade, allows you to trade BTC/USD without margin requirements, zero spreads, significant leverage and known risk that is defined by the trader.

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Benefits of trading BTC with easyTrade
  • No Margin Requirements
  • No spreads
  • No slippage
  • No Commission or hidden fees
  • Access to significant leverage that is ESMA compliant
  • Known and predefined risk

Trading Conditions

Instrument Spreads From 1 Contract PIP Value MIN Contract MAX Leverage
BTC / USD 40 USD 1 Bitcoin 0.01 USD 0.25 Bitcoin 1:50
XRP / USD 0.004 USD 1000 Ripple 0.0001 USD 1,000 Ripple 1:50
ETH / USD 2.50 USD 1 Ethereum 0.01 USD 1 Ethereum 1:50

Trade Bitcoin Anywhere, Anyway

easyMarkets offers its clients multiple ways to trade including MT4, mobile app or easyMarkets award winning intuitive native platform.

easyMarkets Platform

Efficiently user-friendly, with powerful analytical and risk management tools.

easyMarkets App

Access markets anywhere you have internet access. All the features of our web platform, in your pocket.

easyMarkets MT4

The robust, advanced features of MT4 with the amazing trading conditions easyMarkets offers.

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