Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash was created to allow for much quicker transactions compared to Bitcoin. The way this was achieved was by increasing the size of blocks that compose the blockchain the cryptocurrency uses. It was intended not only to be quicker but more scalable.


Like the cryptocurrency it ‘broke’ away from; Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash is decentralized, meaning it remains largely unaffected by macroeconomic events or policy changes.

Dynamic Price Action

Considered one of the last trading frontiers, cryptocurrencies move like no other instrument in the market. These dynamic movements have their own loyal following.

No Commission, No Funding Fees

You don’t need a wallet, an exchange or to pay extra fees when you trade with easyMarkets. It’s intuitive and convenient!


Trade Bitcoin Cash in a currency pair to help you better position yourself in a rapidly moving market. Unsure? Undo losing trades with dealCancellation.

Trading Charts

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Trading Bitcoin Cash with easyMarkets vs Buying & Selling
Bitcoin Cash on an Exchange

Trading Bitcoin Cash with easyMarkets

Transactions are immediate, no slippage when you trade BCH on easyMarkets app or web platform.

When you trade Bitcoin Cash with easyMarkets you can trade both downwards and upwards movements immediately.

easyMarkets is a well-established and regulated broker. There are multiple fail safes in place to protect your funds and trading account.

Tutte le piattaforme offerte da easyMarkets; Web, app, TradingView, Metatrader 4 e Metatrader 5 includono dati integrati, la possibilità di utilizzare le sovrapposizioni di indici e ancora altro.

easyMarkets account gives you access to Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar and Litecoin. With the same account and platform you can trade shares, metals like gold and silver, oil and more.

easyMarkets invests a high level of resources in developing multiple systems and tools to protect our clients. We are regulated in the EU and licensed in other jurisdictions you can find here.

Buying and Selling Bitcoin Cash on an Exchange

Not convenient. Signing up for an exchange, a wallet and then setting everything up can be an involved process.

Not immediate. If a downward trend emerges, the only thing you can do is buy BCH and then wait when the price rises and sell it.

Very little to no risk management tools when trading Bitcoin Cash on an exchange.

Generally exchange platforms only allow you to buy & sell cryptocurrencies. Analytics and news are seldom offered; you may need paid 3rd party solutions.

Many wallets only store single cryptocurrencies. Exchanges have various fees associated with buying and selling Bitcoin Cash.

Exchanges have been hacked and lost clients’ cryptocurrencies funds.

Trade Bitcoin Cash with Day Trade & Pending Order

Trade cryptocurrencies two ways with easyMarkets. Choose to trade the current market price with Day Trade, or set a rate for trade to open with Pending Order When the rate is met, your order will be executed with zero slippage on both easyMarkets Web and App platform.

Some of the best conditions and lowest fixed spreads in the industry

No slippage on web and app

No Commission, funding or other hidden fees

Protect your account against unforeseen price reversal with Free guaranteed stop loss & take profit.

Spreads and Leverage

Trading Conditions

Strumento Spread da 1 Contratto Valore PIP Contratto MIN Leva MAX
BTC / USD 45 1 Bitcoin 0.01 USD 0.01 Bitcoin 1:50
XRP / USD 0.004 1 Ripple 0.0001 USD 500 Ripple 1:20
ETH / USD 3 1 Ethereum 0.01 USD 0.1 Ethereum 1:20
LTC / USD 0.5 1 Litecoin 0.01 USD 0.5 Litecoin 1:20
BCH / USD 1.5 1 Bitcoin Cash 0.01 USD 0.5 Bitcoin Cash 1:20
XLM / USD 0.001 1 Stellar 0.0001 USD 500 Stellar 1:20
ADA / USD 0.006 1 Cardano 0.0001 USD 50 Cardano 1:10
ALG / USD 0.003 1 Algorand 0.0001 USD 50 Algorand 1:10
SOL / USD 0.35 1 Solana 0.01 USD 1 Solana 1:10
UNI / USD 0.04 1 Uniswap 0.01 USD 5 Uniswap 1:10
DOT / USD 0.08 1 Polkadot 0.01 USD 5 Polkadot 1:10
LNK / USD 0.08 1 Chainlink 0.01 USD 5 Chainlink 1:10
ZEC / USD 0.7 1 Zcash 0.01 USD 2 Zcash 1:10
OMG / USD 0.01 1 OmiseGO 0.0001 USD 40 OmiseGO 1:10
MTC / USD 0.005 1 Polygon 0.0001 USD 200 Polygon 1:10
DSH / USD 0.5 1 Dash 0.01 USD 1 Dash 1:10
DOG / USD 0.0005 1 Dogecoin 0.0001 USD 1000 Dogecoin 1:10
XMR / USD 1.2 1 Monero 0.01 USD 0.50 Monero 1:10
CHZ / USD 0.001 1 Chiliz 0.0001 USD 500 Chiliz 1:10
AVA / USD 0.1 1 Avalanche 0.01 USD 2.5 Avalanche 1:10

Orari di Trading
Dal 2 ottobre al 29 ottobre 2022 - Orario GMT

Criptovalute Criptovalute
Prodotto Piattaforme easyMarkets Web, App e TradingView MT4/MT5
Tutte le Criptovalute Disponibile 24 Ore

tranne la Domenica dalle 6:00- alle 9:00 orario GMT a causa della manutenzione dei nostri sistemi.
Disponibile 24 Ore

tranne la Domenica dalle 5:00- alle 9:00 orario GMT a causa della manutenzione dei nostri sistemi.

Trade Bitcoin Cash 24/7 and Anywhere with easyMarkets

Fai trading con più modi con easyMarkets, tra cui TradingView, MT4, MT5 e la pluripremiata nostra piattaforma o l' app di easyMarkets.

Piattaforma easyMarkets

Efficiente e facile da usare, con potenti strumenti analitici e di gestione del rischio.

easyMarkets App

Accesso ai mercati ovunque si abbia accesso a Internet. Una piattaforma completa per iOS e Android.

easyMarkets su TradingView

Nessun slippage sugli ordini limite, trading dai grafici, spread fissi stretti e analisi di mercato approfondita.

easyMarkets MT4 e MT5

Le piattaforme Metatrader più popolari per i trader esperti sono disponibili per operare con easyMarkets.

Bitcoin Base Currency Account

Giving you even more choice when trading, easyMarkets offers Bitcoin as a base currency. Deposit Bitcoin, trade any of our 200+ instruments, and withdraw Bitcoin. This unlocks an entirely new way to hold your cryptocurrency assets, while also giving you the ability to trade with them, without ever needing to exchange your funds to FIAT currencies.

Benefits of easyMarkets Bitcoin Base Currency Account

  • No exchange necessary
  • No hidden or additional funding fees
  • Quick and convenient way to deposit and use your Bitcoin assets without exchanging them to FIAT.

Still access all of easyMarkets innovative trading tools and conditions including:

  • No slippage
  • Tight Fixed Spreads that never change during trading hours
  • Free and guaranteed stop loss and take profit on easyMarkets platforms
  • Negative balance protection
  • Undo losing trades in 1, 3 or 6 hours with dealCancellation
  • Trade with known maximum exposure, zero spreads and no margin requirements with easyTrade

Deposit Cryptocurrencies, Trade FIAT

Deposit cryptocurrencies and credit your account with a FIAT currency. Choose from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether (ERC20), Tether (TR20), and Bitcoin Cash. This new payment processing method, powered by our partner Paymero, allows traders to use their cryptocurrencies to trade our over 200+ instruments including stocks, indices, commodities, Oil, metals, currencies and other cryptos.

The process is simple and secure – you deposit your cryptocurrency of choice and your trading account is credited with the equivalent FIAT base currency.

Benefits of Depositing in Cryptocurrencies

  • Utilize your cryptocurrency assets to trade 200+ instruments
  • Yet another way to deposit with easyMarkets, making it even more convenient to trade
  • No need for an exchange, no hidden funding fees.

Trade Bitcoin Cash FAQs

Security is one of the biggest benefits of trading any of the instruments, including cryptocurrencies, with easyMarkets. As a regulated broker, our traders are protected by multiple oversights and safety measures including clients funds being held in segregated accounts with Tier 1 banks. easyMarkets also offers unique risk management tools including negative balance protection and free guaranteed stop loss and take profit as a standard feature tools not available to people that trade on exchanges.
Your easyMarkets account also gives you access to other global markets including shares, indices, precious and industrial metals, oil and energy commodities and currencies that you can trade on Web, App, MT4 and TradingView.

Although easyMarkets at the moment offers its traders Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Stellar, our list of instruments is constantly expanding, so stay tuned for future updates and additions.

Much like FIAT currencies Euro, Dollar, Yen etc. cryptocurrencies are largely affected by similar or even the same macroeconomic events, but each respond to said events in different ways. Cryptocurrencies also vary in value greatly which can also be a consideration when trading.

Blockchain is a ledger of transaction made with a cryptocurrency. It is composed of ‘blocks’ of data which is chained to together in sequence, when one block is ‘full’ a new one is created. Although blockchains can hold various types of data (as seen with NFT Tokens or Cryptocurrency Art) it is largely dedicated to transactions involving the overlying cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Cash is one of the virtual currencies that were created as a result of a so called ‘Hard Fork’. The ‘split’ created a cryptocurrency with larger block size, which intends to increase the speed of transactions. Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency that largely resembles bitcoin in function with the main difference being the size of the blocks of data that are ‘chained’ together.

With easyMarkets trading Bitcoin Cash involves ‘buying’ it when you expect the price to rise and ‘sell’ when you expect the price to drop. Of course this is an extremely simplified version of what is involved when trading Bitcoin Cash, to learn more visit easyMarkets Learn Centre.

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