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Shares can be traded on easyMarkets innovative platform that combines trading, data and valuable tools all in one screen.


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Choose and trade from the world’s most dynamic companies’ shares. Public companies publish earnings every quarter and most major news outlets frequently report share prices and company news. Discover another way to trade with easyMarkets.

CFD Stocks or Trading CFD Shares

CFD, an abbreviation for Contract for Difference, is a type of investment product that allows you to trade the price or rate of an asset without the obligation of actually owning it. The terms stocks or shares are usually interchangeable.

One of the biggest advantages is that CFDs allow you to benefit from both an upwards or a downwards price movement. You can also use what is called “margin” or “leverage” when trading CFDs. Leverage is, in general, a powerful and useful feature of CFD trading. It provides the opportunity to take significant positions (trades) without investing an equally significant amount of capital. However, leverage can be a double-edged sword since large price swings on accounts with higher leverage can increase the chances of a loss.

There are also certain tools that are exclusively available when trading CFD Shares:

  • Guaranteed Stop-Loss: This protects your account against runaway losses. It closes the trade if it falls below a certain price level.
  • Guaranteed Take Profit: This closes a trade once it reaches a certain positive price level. This ensures the trade closes positively, protecting it against the price reversing.
  • No Slippage: On easyMarkets platform the price you trade is the price your order will be executed at.
  • Margin Trading: As mentioned above, CFDs give you the option to open a bigger trade with a smaller investment. Again, it is necessary to mention that although beneficial, smaller movements can cause a trade to lose and close more rapidly.

In simple terms stocks (or shares) give partial ownership of the company that issues them to shareholders in exchange for funds. Shareholders receive part of the company’s profits or a portion of its appreciation when they hold a company’s stock. Depending on the type of shares issued, having shares in a company can even give voting rights.

Depending on what the company needs, they issue different types of shares:

  • Ordinary shares: These are the standard shares, without any special permissions or obligations. Companies may even issue ordinary shares of different value, with the number of votes being dependent on the value of shares the individual holds.
  • Non-voting ordinary shares: These are conditional shares that allow voting only when certain requirements are met.
  • Redeemable Shares: This gives the company the option to buy back its shares at a future. There may be a predefined timeframe for the buy-back or not.
  • Preference Shares: the “Rolls Royce” of shares – these types of shares not only receive a fixed dividend amount every year, but they also receive it before other shareholders.

Although there are many other types of shares that companies’ issue, these are the most common. There is a caveat though, although shares can pay dividends, if the issuing company goes under – their shares might not be worth anything.

Luckily this isn’t a risk when you trade CFDs because you don’t actually own the underlying asset. Another benefit of trading CFD Shares is that you can take advantage of both positive and negative price trends. When you own the actual asset the only way to benefit from it is by an increase in its value.

Issuing shares creates capital for a company – but unlike loans, technically that capital doesn’t have to be paid back (at least in a traditional sense). The agreement instead is capital for a share of the company’s growth, profits and decision-making (if the shares are of a certain type).

Shares are sold on the stock market – and they are sold for various reasons:

  • To create capital (also known as equity financing)
  • When the first investors of the company want to devest
  • To give employees stock as incentives
  • So investors can trade a company’s stock

A listing is when a company offers stocks on the stock market. This creates capital for the company, gives it creditability and promise of growth to the investors.

The simplicity may shock you – a company’s share’s price is determined by supply and demand. Of course, the way demand is created is through fundamental analysis, which is a little bit more complex.

  • As we saw with Elon Musk, founder and CEO of electric car manufacturer Tesla, the actions of leadership can impact share pricing. Even when these actions aren’t directly associated with the company’s revenue creating activities.

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Shares Offered by easyMarkets

US Shares Description
BAB / USD Alibaba
AMZ / USD Amazon
APL / USD Apple
FBK / USD Facebook
NFX / USD Netflix
TSL / USD Tesla
CCA / USD Coca-cola
INT / USD Intel Corporation
JNJ / USD Johnson & Johnson
MCD / USD McDonald’s
MSF / USD Microsoft
FRD / USD Ford
CVX / USD Chevron
VSA / USD Visa
CSC / USD Cisco
EXO / USD Exxon
EU Shares Description
ADS / EUR Adidas
ALV / EUR Allianz
BAY / EUR Bayer
BNP / EUR BNP Paribas
CBK / EUR Commerzbank
DAI / EUR Daimler
IBE / EUR Iberdrola
SIE / EUR Siemens
VOW / EUR Volkswagen

Trading CFD Shares

Selling Shares

Short selling or going short when trading CFD Shares, is essentially ‘selling’ the stock in anticipation of the price dropping. This is one of the benefits when trading via CFDs, you can benefit from both positive and negative movements of the underlying share.

Trading Shares with easyMarkets

easyMarkets offers multiple online trading platforms for Shares and our other CFD products. Our proprietary web platform is intuitive for new traders but packed with powerful features for experienced traders.

Benefits of Trading Shares

One of the biggest benefits of trading shares or shares is the immense amount of data that is available. Not only do news outlets readily report on popular brands new products and company news. When companies are publicly traded, they are obligated to report their earnings. These reports are usually released after the last month of every financial quarter.

Earning Seasons

Markets are especially active during these periods and shares can fluctuate – similar to other CFDs like Forex, Commodities and Precious Metals – during economic policy announcements. Some traders avoid volatility and others use it as part of their strategy.